Back to the times when earth was only green and blue, there lived a boy, furious as the fire, sparkling as the star, swift as a deer but intelligent, well, only as a piece of rock.
Oh, he was as good as he could be in everything everyone would envy but for one thing but his brain that would never be by his side.
Hebba was his name and his best friend was Murra the rhino.
They would take a walk together in the evening. Hebba would sit on Murra's hefty back.While Murra would focus on chewing all the soft greens that came his way, Hebba would focus on shooting with his bow and arrow at whatever came his way.
Hebba's favorite ways of passing days was sharpening his arrows with a little rock, painting them with colors obtained from petals and climbing on a tree he called 'Mush Mush', then shooting arrows in that one direction always.
He wondered where all his arrows disappeared, not that he never tried to find them, but all in vain.
His bowstring was made of hareskin and it would recoil with all its mighty force.Maybe that's why his arrow would go so far to never be found.
Hebba would still think someone somewhere would be collecting all his colorful arrows or maybe someone would even come searching for him through his arrows.
Who knows?

Happy as they were but seasons changed, of rains and drought and then time came when Hebba started growing up with Murra and then came a dust of little knowledge as we would call it today in Hebba's little brain which failed to keep pace with Hebba's growth.
As days passed by, Hebba started growing uncomfortable staying alone, not that Murra wasn't there and Alas! did he start questioning  his own existence?
As a child, he remembered seeing his own kind.
Where had they gone?
Or had he fallen from that cliff only to fall on little Murra's back just to find himself separated from the rest of his kind.
Why had no one come to look for him? Or was it Murra who had called him?
Murra seemed to only enjoy the grasses, why would he never tell him much?
He only shaked his head in joy or sorrow or whatever he felt.
Murra had friends, more than one, of his own kind unlike Hebba and Hebba would envy this fact.
Hebba and Murra together would play with the rest of the lot all day long. Hebba seemed to have enjoyed this game all his life until this dust came into his brain bringing questions which never mattered until recently.

Hebba started feeling lonely even in a crash of rhinos.
So that one night , without telling Murra, Hebba continued to walk .

To where, oh he didn't know.

How far ?
He didn't know that either.
Tired and thirsty Hebba could walk no more and he collapsed as they would say .
Did he fall off the cliff again over some other Murra ?
Oh no! No no !
Hebba was there where no one would want to be!
Fire and arrows and some scary looking people all around Hebba who was now tied to a trunk.

They were so alike yet so different!
Where was murra?
Did he also not come to look for him?
A splurge of terror ran across Hebba's shivering lean naked body of now 14.
He gulped his fears and was thrilled to notice these fearful creatures of his own kind.
Have they found him back, have they tied him so he doesn't fall off that cliff over Murra who was just too lazy to come along and only busy eating grass!
Maybe .
And what was that?

Those colorful arrows in the hands of a tender, lean dark figure, hairs unkempt and much longer than hebba, those eyes glowing fiery red from the reflection of flames from across.. smiling in Hebba's direction. Oh why had that figure captivated Hebba's eyes that made him forget of his fears?
So this is why he ran that night ?
To be with his own kind? Was this the answer to all his questions? Was his dream and envy to be with his own kind now going to get fulfilled?  What we dream of is what we truly want ? Does running away in order to answer our ever questioning brain really worth? Had Hebba found the cure to his loneliness? Now surrounded by his own kinds, were they really his own? What awaits Hebba who ran away leaving Murra alone only to put the blame on Murra?

Has he got what he was searching for?Maybe.

Forgetting all the questions that his little brain could not handle, Hebba smiled back in her direction still gazing at his sharp colorful arrow awaiting whatever may come, surrendering himself to the unveiled mysteries of life and accepting destiny.


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