What is ugly? Anything that doesn’t approve to your heart. I find nothing ugly. They all have their own meanings. Even the criteria based beauty becomes ugly when you do not approve of it. We all have our own definitions of beauty and ugliness. Is there a standardization? Whats beautiful to me could be ugly to you. How could anything be ugly ? Is the creator to be blamed ? What pleases our ever unsatisfied brains? We are the creators and destroyers. We make it or break it. We make it beautiful or ugly. We see it or we don’t see at all. Blinded aren’t we ?


Block out

I came from a simple family. I had simple thoughts.
I loved people and I loved everything around. I learnt a lot about a lot of things in an attempt to learn something about everything for the love of everything. I never had a complexity of thoughts till I entered a world so complex. Things were not what they looked like . I looked at things and people only what they looked like, never to look beyond, as that beyond, I thought, never existed, as everything I presumed existed at the surface .
Then I learnt nothing existed on the surface and everything was beyond the limits of the vision of my eyes and brain. I shut down for those who extended far beyond their surface levels and I realize now iv shut down for almost everyone. Once so receptive, iv blocked myself from everything and what do I love now .

Where Do You Exist

Peaks of the mountains
Don’t they ever make you feel small
You judge my existence
See where do you fall

Stand beside the ocean so vast
I am smaller than the smallest wave
And so are you to think you’d last
Think for once before killing my mave

Where do you exist when even the galaxy
Where we live seeks for an existence
Amongst the universe which has no end
To begin with they could not even find its start

Your thoughts, do they matter
Your words, do they shatter
Anyone for that matter
And for me, it’s just a Blatter

All I say is think for a moment
Of your existence where you don’t exist
Passing your judgements thinking you’re the world
In a world where everything but you exists

And since you’re not even a drop
In my ocean of thoughts
I possess the ultimate power
To choke your existence to oblivion

Understanding Summer

Men when they call women complicated are men who are dumb as they don’t have the basic idea of understanding anything or anyone.
A woman on the other hand has a better understanding of her surroundings, emotions,  situations and knows it to the pin point as to what exactly she wants and all her actions lead to her one and only goal.
Hundred days of summer.. Most men and by that I mean 99.99% men and also some unintellectual women have misinterpreted the whole character of summer.
Not that I sympathise with her or am a feminist but it makes me scratch my head when people fail to understand simplest of things.
Summer was a very practical character. A happy independent one and unlike many needy women, did not want to be in a company of a man just for the heck of it, nor was she emotionally unstable and was in desperate need of a boyfriend who would keep boosting her morale as she was confident of her own personality, her likes and dislikes. A colleague of mine, a female, called her a psycho recently. Poor misinterpreted summer.
Happiness is contagious and men when they see happy women, long for them.
Summer was one of those happy with herself women. She was not craving for anything. You call them stable. Men are adamant, they do not like to change or alter their thought process. What they think is right has to be right and they hunt for things that they want should belong to them. It’s more to do with biology and evolution. Being wild hunters since  forever. Tom was an extremely dumb adamant guy; just like every other guy; how could he not understand Summer ?
People may argue Summer played with his emotions. Summer; well she knew what she did not want. Summer was so happy with herself that probably she had no time and space for a man in her life at that particular time and when Tom comes she was considerate enough to not strongly say no and break his heart. Men may find it hard to digest when a woman is not looking for something serious as all they know about them is that all they want is to get married and have kids and start a family. No it’s not. A woman can be as free as a man with her thoughts and so was summer. She made it very clear from the beginning that she wasn’t looking for anything serious. Women really know it. It’s their gut feeling and it’s never wrong. Summer got with Tom when she was happy and not needy. Having a friend makes you happy and you are attracted towards happiness and so was she. Not that she wanted any complications. Relationships have their own complications and they all have to do with unrealistic expectations. Can’t you totally relate when she says ” I don’t care, i am happy, are you not happy “. How simple could a lady get. All she cared about was happiness and how could she be so misinterpreted ? Tom was selfish and greedy to have wanted for more and more. They had a fight once and summer came over and people argue that she was fooling around. Well no. Her only preference in life was being happy. All that brought sadness was shoved off. She could not be sad or mad for long as she knew her priorities well. It wasn’t the person but the feeling. Women are more about feelings if you really want to know. The other day my friend was telling me how good he was with names and his friend was good with numbers. It made me think and I concluded being a woman i am good at recreating feelings and emotions. We are really good at it. All we remember at the end is how we felt after an incident and we can actually relive that moment over again. Thats not complicated. Emotions, are they complicated ? Not for women; and if a man can understand emotions, he can easily read a woman inside out. It will take him seconds. However men don’t seem to understand emotions very well and they are more superficial I would say.
Back to summer, she danced with Tom after breakup as she cared about happy feeling more than feeling jittery about the whole thing. She had no hatred for anything and she loved too much or care about hatred and forgiveness which had no meaning in  her life. She never changed her mind for Tom as  she was sure what she always wanted. She got married all of a sudden as she again was sure about it. Many would find her selfish and cunning and mean but she was just a happy confident lady and it would need a thinker to understand her character if at all.