Life Beyond Life

This road had always been clear

Free from dust and turns

She had walked it all her life

And she walks it day and night


That day through the road

Was strange and long and lone

Giving a dose of kenopsia

It wasn’t that anyway


She walked to find a turn so sharp

Some broken trees and twigs

A petal crushed beneath her feet

A flower dying and crying


Her hurried legs made a pause

She failed to find the cause

How things had stayed the same

Through dark and light and start


A storm so strong had passed

A night before the dark

It broke the road she walked

The only one she knew


That  she thought was life

As stable as it was

No changes not even subtle

Could change the traversed path


Stuck in storm the  midway

She dint know where to go

Take a turn from where she came

Or scout a brand new way


She took the road ahead that showed

And fell into the cracks

Life seemed over within that fall

A valley of darkness hailed


But, there she lay on a bed of flowers

At the end of all the end

She found a life beyond her  life

Had it not been for the fall






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