We are born, we live, we grow, we sit back and one fine day we all see the end to our ravishing journeys.

As with time, the art of acceptance is the one to master for human beings of reasonable age. By reasonable I mean all those who know what is happening around them, how life is treating them and how they respond to the treatment.

Accept all the good and the bad as it falls your way. Accept love when it comes, accept criticism, accept hatred, accept a companionship, accept the loss and gain, all in all, accept life. These are all part and parcel of a long journey and the more we accept changes and the environment around us, the more we grow through them.
There is no journey too smooth and yet no desert without an oasis. No night without a day and no sea without a shore. Accept all within. The days when you do well are yours and so are the ones when you fall. Accept the rise and fall. The moments of birth and demise, love and separation, joys and tears are all your moments. Embrace each one without any discrimination.

 An old man, looking through his life, sitting at the corner of his room, has retired. He worked hard all through his life, supported his family, raised two beautiful and  children. He desired a decent abode, a fine car and successful children. Today, he has everything he wished for, however his children are gone, his house is quiet with just his wife, his car lying in the garage as he has not many places to go. He looks back and then he looks here. What had he lost ? What was all that he was missing ? Didn’t he have everything today. Somehow what he couldn’t accept was life. He retired and suddenly all his social circle vanished, a fat salary turned into meagre income. We will all grow old. No matter how hard we work today, we all will retire someday and that would be the time to accept the little pleasures of life. Doing the small little things that we always wanted to do, learning new things that we never had time for. Every phase of life has its own purpose. Read in between the lines and figure out what is in store. Life is best when it’s mighty ways are accepted. Let the rain fall over your window pane and listen to the song it hums. Life definitely is one beautiful track.