Torn broken shredded to pieces

Tearing of the soul 

Churning of the gut

A heavy thumping chest

Like the end of the road 

No where to go 

No where to escape 

Like the last days 

Of a cancer sore 

Choices to be made 

To live or let go

I choose to live 

With a head held high

I’m stronger than this storm

Can’t shake me off the ground

I’ll stay and I’ll live 

I’ll face the storm till it passes 

Till I get the strength 

To live and move on


Me for myself 

I struggle again

To cross a burnt bridge

With a hole in the heart

And an anguished brain.

I struggle again

Against all odds

To smile again

And say it’s all okay.

I struggle again

Trying to understand

Tangled human behavior

And pain that it brings.

I struggle again

To carry with routine

Ask questions why me

Then sleep over it.

I struggle again

To cross the burning bridge

Get to the other side

And say it’s all fine.