The Short lived Love 

How I wonder could something so magnanimous

Be so small to be concised 

In the page of a diary so small

At a corner in the brain so vast.
How could it be confined

Within the limits of a pink pen stand

And the memory of a red soft toy

Within the heart of now a stranger

Within the faded memory a the brain.
I wonder how the most powerful feelings of all

Which starts like it has no start or no end

Like the beginning of a new universe

Like the creation of a new being

Like the rise of a new star.
I am in a state of denial

As I fail to understand

How this new universe limits itself

In a tiny world of shrewds

In a mean world of hatred.
I do not believe in it’s death

It’s way too huge to die

The energy is spread somewhere

In the universe where I breathe

Now transformed to another.
The soul has changed it’s clothes 

Now not in the pink little pen stand

It’s out there but for sure

It has not died although

As huge as this can never die.
The toys have changed their shapes

The laughs are a little different

Those eyes have changed their colors

The humongous feeling but lives

This love can never be short-lived .

The Weaver Weaves

We all make plans; long term, short term, we all do. We all dream big and small and base our plans on these dreams. How many dreams keep shattering somewhere every second of every day.

How we collect those shattered pieces, join them together and weave a new dream. 

Rephrasing and rebuilding lives every second of every day. Trying to get up, dust ourselves and moving on every day. 

Had there been no dreams, the cycle of efforts would have stopped. So live, dream and keep moving. This is life, an endless pursuit of weaving and catching dreams.

A Delayed Meeting

Peeping through the corner of my eye, I immediately recognized that figure in the dim lighting. It was a get together and all the dentists from my branch were there, both natives and international. I had been trying to avoid this all through my life but destiny plays it’s own games. A small girl was holding his little finger. She looked like him.

My gaze was suddenly interrupted by a pretty looking tall and fair woman as she asked me, ” do you know him?” In a gust I replied,” well not that I remember very clearly” and pretended to look at the waiter’s direction. “Oh, I’m Mrs Gustavo and that’s my little princess. Very nice to meet you” she said.

I felt this strong weightless sinking feeling, like I couldn’t breathe for a while. Recollecting my composure, I smiled back at her and excused myself as I was about to throw up. Unable to handle the anxiety and my disturbed emotional state, I sat in the corner of that huge lawn.

Nothing seemed beautiful anymore, I kept sitting there, in a trans, lost in my world of 21, exchanging promises, smiles and kisses. 

The river and the cliff 

It had been a long week running after money, meeting deadlines and pleasing people. It seemed like a year. Only a month back she had moved to a new city where money screamed out loud and an unprecedented, never-ending race with dead end was been run by almost everyone with two legs. She joined too,  leaving behind her  peaceful life with grandparents. The pursuit of money ought to bring happiness she thought, but was taken aback by the cost she had to pay. In a month she had lost weight, her peachy glow  replaced by a tan and her mind had everything but peace. Weekend was here, so she boarded the evening bus straight to where she belonged finding herself sitting next to a calm flowing river bounded by a cliff on one side. With her feet dipped in and contemplating life, she realized it all makes sense. The cliff reminded her that no matter how life binds you, break free and flow like a river and find happiness in the path you traverse. Rejuvenated, with her smile back, she went to see her grandparents, all set to go to work the following week and the days ahead.


We are born, we live, we grow, we sit back and one fine day we all see the end to our ravishing journeys.

As with time, the art of acceptance is the one to master for human beings of reasonable age. By reasonable I mean all those who know what is happening around them, how life is treating them and how they respond to the treatment.

Accept all the good and the bad as it falls your way. Accept love when it comes, accept criticism, accept hatred, accept a companionship, accept the loss and gain, all in all, accept life. These are all part and parcel of a long journey and the more we accept changes and the environment around us, the more we grow through them.
There is no journey too smooth and yet no desert without an oasis. No night without a day and no sea without a shore. Accept all within. The days when you do well are yours and so are the ones when you fall. Accept the rise and fall. The moments of birth and demise, love and separation, joys and tears are all your moments. Embrace each one without any discrimination.

 An old man, looking through his life, sitting at the corner of his room, has retired. He worked hard all through his life, supported his family, raised two beautiful and  children. He desired a decent abode, a fine car and successful children. Today, he has everything he wished for, however his children are gone, his house is quiet with just his wife, his car lying in the garage as he has not many places to go. He looks back and then he looks here. What had he lost ? What was all that he was missing ? Didn’t he have everything today. Somehow what he couldn’t accept was life. He retired and suddenly all his social circle vanished, a fat salary turned into meagre income. We will all grow old. No matter how hard we work today, we all will retire someday and that would be the time to accept the little pleasures of life. Doing the small little things that we always wanted to do, learning new things that we never had time for. Every phase of life has its own purpose. Read in between the lines and figure out what is in store. Life is best when it’s mighty ways are accepted. Let the rain fall over your window pane and listen to the song it hums. Life definitely is one beautiful track.


You are back with a million dollar smile

The happiness in your eyes

The light shining through your soul

Making the days so bright

And the nights so peaceful

There you stand far away

Yet so near my newly formed world

Its all your aura I begin to see

Need no words to define this

Nor complicated words to write

Life is simple again with the simplicity you offer me

Here I am with a new day and a new me !

Life Beyond Life

This road had always been clear

Free from dust and turns

She had walked it all her life

And she walks it day and night


That day through the road

Was strange and long and lone

Giving a dose of kenopsia

It wasn’t that anyway


She walked to find a turn so sharp

Some broken trees and twigs

A petal crushed beneath her feet

A flower dying and crying


Her hurried legs made a pause

She failed to find the cause

How things had stayed the same

Through dark and light and start


A storm so strong had passed

A night before the dark

It broke the road she walked

The only one she knew


That  she thought was life

As stable as it was

No changes not even subtle

Could change the traversed path


Stuck in storm the  midway

She dint know where to go

Take a turn from where she came

Or scout a brand new way


She took the road ahead that showed

And fell into the cracks

Life seemed over within that fall

A valley of darkness hailed


But, there she lay on a bed of flowers

At the end of all the end

She found a life beyond her  life

Had it not been for the fall